Q: I am unable to login.

Only UHA members with a UHA Online Member Services username and password may login. If you have already registered for an account, you may login. If you are a UHA member, but have not registered for the UHA Online Member Services account, you may register. Registration is free and will only take a minute.

Q: What is my UHA Member ID?

Please check your UHA Member ID card.

Q: Can I access my UHA Member ID card through UHA Mobile?

Yes. You may access your medical plan coverage information and your member ID card on your mobile device. Note: the information is for identification purposes only and does not guarantee coverage.

Q: Which claims are shown in "Recent Claims"?

Recent claims refers to medical claims having a date of service within the past 24 months. Claims information is updated daily Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Q: Is my web browser supported?

UHA Mobile is optimized for web browsers on modern mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry on the latest mobile operating systems. Other web browsers may be functional, however functionality is not guaranteed.